At DREAM ENGINE AUDIO we can give you the fresh sounds of today's music scene or classic "old school" vibes. Unlike some other studios that give you rookie engineers lacking in social skills, we deliver recordings with the experience, professionalism, finesse and superb audio quality that you deserve. As producers and artists ourselves, we value setting the mood, putting you at ease and getting *your best performance* recorded for posterity. After all, recording a great performance with vibe is the most important ingredient in capturing some magic.

RECORDING + ENGINEERING : We will record bed tracks, overdub, edit, mix and master your music (or audio) project to a very high standard. Many clients seek us out for our mixing and mastering services, even when the track has been recorded somewhere else.

PRODUCTION : If you need a Producer for your album or demo project give us a call. We can help you draw up the blueprints for your entire project, counsel and advise on what to expect and prepare for and guide you through the entire process.

MAKING BEATS + BACKING TRACKS : If you write hip-hop or R+B songs and need some beats for your lyrics, we do that. If you are a songwriter and you need assistance completing your song either lyrically or musically, we do that too. We pride ourselves on providing whatever is needed to make a track professional and complete.

SONGWRITING AND ORIGINAL MUSIC : We create custom original music tracks and songs for your project. Let us know about the stylistic parameters for your music.

CD DUPLICATION : We provide CD duplication services for small to mid-size projects. Please inquire with details about your artwork, graphics, quantity and packing requirements.

VOICE-OVER RECORDING : We record and edit voice-overs for many multimedia, government and commercial projects. We will deliver the final product in any number of formats, including wave, aiff, mp3 or wma.

AUDIO RESTORATION AND TRANSFER : Yes we do that. Best to call with details as there may be issues that have to be addressed in order to make this a success.

MASTERING : Due to popular demand we now offer this service as a stand alone treatment or as part of a complete demo or album recording package. Again please call and have the details of your project at hand.

* Don't see what your looking for on this list ? Please give us a call and inquire. We probably do that too - and if not we'll refer you on to someone that can.